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Celtic Medicine Bags (Pocket Flats) – Irish Oral Teaching

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Past Life Regression (Certified Hypno-Therapist)
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Anne is an Irish Wise Woman (“Máthair Críonna”, or “Wise Mother”), practicing Celtic arts for 40 years. She trained with a Mother in Philadelphia who had no daughters to pass the art to, but saw the gift, the sight. and the potential to learn the arts in Anne when Anne was about 18. Learned how to make pocket flats using storytelling and spiritual herbology, and Irish palmistry, and became a full Mother at age 20.

Created Journey Runes with Spirit in 1992. The symbols on these “stones” are unique to Anne, who reads the symbols, not the pieces themselves, and uses the symbols to do general readings, or to divine answers to specific questions.

Pocket flats are used to help with behavioral changes, and to encourage growth and self-awareness.  Irish Palmistry is more of a “life reading”, and reveals strengths and talents, or show areas that may need improvement. Palms do not always show immediate future events or occurrences.