Colby Parrish










Oracle & Tarot Cards

Intuitive Empath

Energy Worker

Crystal Healer

Lithomancer (Stone Reader)


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Colby utilizes a variety of different modalities or techniques in his counseling and psychic sessions. He is not only a clairvoyant but also works with a strong sense of clairsentience, picking up energy through physical touch. He has become known for his unique talent with lithomancy (crystal reading) that he incorporates into all of his sessions along with animal spirit guidance and intuitive tarot.

Those are just a few forms of divination used in Colby‚Äôs reading sessions. He would be more than happy to share a bit more about his other modalities as well, if asked. Colby also facilitates chakra crystal healing balancing, clearing and alignments. Let’s not forget that Colby is an educator as well. He teaches workshops on psychic development, various forms of divination, witchcraft, the pagan path, and finally a variety of different crystal workshops. All of his workshops are available in either group sessions or private tutoring.