Psychic Readers Dunedin

Blessings from Enchanted Earth… the official Witch Shoppe of Dunedin Florida! Enchanted Earth is a magickal, mystical, and relaxing place for all your spiritual needs.

Shoppe Owners
“The Official Witch of Dunedin…”  Kim & Doug Truitt

Kim had a dream that one day she would own and operate a spiritual shoppe in Dunedin that gives back to the community by offering affordable prices on merchandise, spiritual workshops, Psychic Readings, and open circles! Kim and Doug love all the energy, charm, and artistic flare that Dunedin has to offer and have lived here for more then 20 years with their Family. Enchanted Earth became a reality and opened it’s doors on Kim’s birthday July 6th 2009.  Since that day Enchanted Earth has flourished with all your support.  Many blessings and thanks for helping us turn our dream into a reality and continuing to help us maintain it!